Statistics for Industry Statistical Courses designed to solve industrial problems

Statistics for Industry has an unrivalled reputation for more than 30 years as a provider of practical training courses in statistics in applications throughout industry and research. We offer both open courses, where individuals attend one of our public courses, as well as in-house courses, tailored specifically to a company's requirements both in their content and duration. Course titles include:

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  Open Courses Examples of In-House Courses
  • Experimental Design and Analysis
  • Statistics for Six Sigma
  • Test Method Transfer
  • Understanding and Using BS6001
  • Significance Testing
  • Statistics: Over The First Hurdle
  • Sensory Analysis
  • Multivariate Analysis
Our training courses give you hands-on experience with the methods through tutorials and interactive case exercises, and offer you the opportunity to take advantage of free consultancy. In addition, our own Excel based software, Crunch, to aid the calculations in tutorials, will be made available free to all course members at the end of the training.

Statistics for industry run residential plus tailored in-house courses covering areas such as:
Experimental design, test methods, process control, research and development,
analytical chemistry, sensory, multivariate, microbiology, quality, six sigma, introductory.